Today, a customer brought a laptop to JPC which was compromised by cold callers pretending to be Talktalk. What makes this more scary from the usual “scams” is that the voice at the end of the phone knew personal account details unique to Talktalk such as account numbers which had been obtained by the scammers, (article here) to confirm to our customer that they “were genuine Talktalk employees”.

Money has been taken from our customer’s bank accounts and emails sent to extort money (via PayPal which is a genuine company) to the scammer’s accounts. The scammers were also very forceful, demanding that blocks placed by the banks be removed so that they could obtain the money.

JPC have now removed the malicious software which was installed by the scammers remotely (over several hours whilst our customer watched them moving around their screen).

Please contact us if you have been affected in this way, remain extra vigilant if “Talktalk” call you to remove computer problems. Do not hand them any bank details as this often runs into hundreds of £’s being extorted. Feel free to share this article with friends!