The annoying phone calls from “Microsoft” have always been a pain, but a customer of JPC faced additional problems once the caller remote controlled¬†her two¬†PCs.

Normally it’s just a case of having to clean up any software “Microsoft” have installed and remove remote control software. These two PCs seem to have had some sort of “time bomb” which would put an Administrator startup password on Windows 8.1 and get the computer stuck so that one couldn’t use it!

No viruses were found with independent antivirus software, the only obvious solution being to wipe both PCs!

Make sure you have your personal data backed up!

So be on your guard and simply refuse to let these scammers take control of your PCs – they may be attempting to hold you to ransom for additional payment!

If you have been affected, please contact JPC for assistance and feel free to share this with your friends!