Sometimes you can be fortunate and the repair can be performed and be economic, other times it hurts!

A laptop came to us that was only a year or two old, but beer had been spilt into it a few weeks ago. The laptop worked for a while but then the corrosion crept in. We use a company that can clean motherboards affected by liquid damage using chemicals, but this time it was too late. To repair the laptop would have been over £200. The customer’s house insurance excess would have been £200 and increased premiums the following year.

The moral of the story – keep liquid away from laptops. Especially as people accidentally may knock the contents into the laptop. It might just turn out to be a VERY expensive drink! Cheers!

If there is liquid damage, please disconnect laptop from mains, remove battery from underneath (usually a couple of clips), turn laptop upside down so that liquid can come out of vents/keyboard, put laptop in an airing cupboard if possible. Finally, get laptop to us ASAP! That way you should be one of the fortunate ones.