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Our Google Chrome work around for browsing the internet and getting decent results on older Operating Systems coming to an end! (see article)

We have been receiving phone calls from our customers asking us about this message that has been appearing. These older operating systems struggle to stop today’s security threats, no matter how good your security software is. Microsoft have stopped providing updates for Windows XP since April 2014, and will stop support for Vista in April 2017. It seems that Google have got in early with Vista not running Google Chrome any longer.

One workaround is to use Firefox as a browser, which as yet, seems to be compatible with XP/Vista. We don’t recommend upgrading the hardware or operating system in a PC which is 7 years old or more to Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It would be more cost effective & secure to purchase a new, faster PC with Windows 10 already installed. (*** Update since article written – Windows 11 is now available ***)

Those who like to dabble may argue and install a Linux/Ubuntu onto their old PC to continue using it!

Please feel free to contact JPC for impartial purchase advice. We also help set up new PCs and transfer data from the old to new.