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JPC received a phone call from our customer that had a Windows Defender scam message which wouldn’t close after restarting.

We visited their house and found remote control software installed by a hacker. Used correctly, remote control software is great for Technical Support but in this case used for malicious purposes. JPC uninstalled this software whilst the hacker was moving the mouse trying to stop us fixing the problem! JPC managed to kick off the hacker and remove the remote control software.

There were no viruses or scam phone calls. Our customer accidentally “opened the door” to let the hacker in whilst trying to do an online shop with a well known supermarket. The browser history showed a fake grocery store which displayed the Windows Defender scam message and a fake Windows Update message whilst the remote control software installed.

JPC removed a browser keylogger (which capture and give your passwords to the hacker when you log in to sites). We helped our customer change all their passwords compromised by the hacker. The laptop is now clean again.

If you are affected by suspicious activities/telephone scams, close your computer down straight away and call JPC for a visit. We are an AVG Internet Security Reseller – feel free to contact us for your security needs.